When it comes to houses, Northern School of Business is running a special gendered based system where female houses have female names, and male houses have unique male names. Previously, there used to be a common naming system for both male and female houses where each male house had a corresponding female house. The current system became necessary following the low interest in sporting activities by female students who over relied on the dominance of their male colleagues in all sporting events. As a way of boosting their (Female students) participation in sporting activities, and in addition to other co-curricular activities, it became long overdue for female students to be disjointed from the male houses and compete among themselves.

Nevertheless, concerns have recently been raised by key stakeholders of the school, most especially the Old Students, to reverse the naming system back to its old form (merging of male and female houses).

Under the current system, there are six (6) male houses and four (4) houses as follows:



  1. Arthur
  2. Nkrumah
  3. Aggrey
  4. Dakpemah
  5. Ali
  6. Gabla


  1. Gbanzalung
  2. Unity
  3. Princess
  4. Theodosia
aggrey house